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About project

Ethics and Technologies Project was initiated by the UCU Lviv Business School (LvBS) to study the impact of technology on society and people and popularize the ethical aspects of technological development. The project is aimed at setting up a platform for communication between technology business, society, scientific and research institutions
The project is implemented with the support of Charity Fund
«Believe in yourself» – non-profit organization founded by Viktor and Iryna Ivanchyk.

The project partner is — The UCU International Institute of Ethics and Problems of the Contemporary Issues



Quantitative and qualitative research on technology impact on society, study of expectations, trend analysis, expert polls and interviews


Development and delivering educational programs for business and civil society in the field of cybersecurity, technological strategies, ethics of technology, etc


Seminars, roundtables and conferences with the participation of leading specialists, leaders of technology companies and academics

Media and Publishing

We plan to create an online platform for technological news, blogs from interesting authors, webinars and actual interviews, as well as translating and publishing books


The project features a research aimed at identifying the potential ethical implications of the implementation and use of new technologies, as well as the level of understanding of risks by business, science, government agencies and specialists involved in the research and development of technological products


Interviews with top managers of technology companies, opinion leaders, domain specialists, leading scientists, and researchers are the first part of the research. Interview analysis, the identification of patterns and trends make the basis for the second stage, which is creating questionnaires and interviewing experts.


The objective of the expert polls is to obtain quantitative data that would facilitate an assessment of the current state of the technology and its potential, risks and possible ways to minimize the risks. Questionnaires will be sent personally to each poll participant. The pool of participants is formed according to certain criteria: knowledge of the subject of research, influence on decision making, professional experience, etc.


Considering the uniqueness of the UCU Lviv Business School which runs business programs at the intersection of business, technology, humanities and Christian spirituality, the project is a space for interdisciplinary discussions about the ethical perspectives of developing and using emerging technologies. We strive to combine the high academic standards of UCU with the expectations of the business environment. We expect the research findings to open up new ethical prospects for the future, and enable technology business to develop and innovate with respect to human dignity and mission.


We believe that the development of new technologies that would serve the good of human is impossible without clear ethical guidelines. In turn, these guidelines should be based on deep research of both technology and humanities, such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, and philosophy. By integrating the professionals working at the crossroads of different industries into the project, we seek to provide society and business with the integral vision of the role of technology in the realization of a human purpose.

Our goals

The project aims at delivering qualitative and quantitative research on the impact of technology on human life and the state of the environment. We strive to promote a dialogue between business, public, academic and educational institutions, and open up together new perspectives on the use of innovative technologies with respect to human dignity. Our plans include research, organizing discussions, regular reviews of technological news, developing and implementing an educational program on ethics of technologies.


Volodymyr Turchynovskyy, Ph.D.
Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of UCU, Director of the UCU International Institute of Ethics and Problems of the Contemporary Issues. Studied at the International Academy of Philosophy in the Principality of Liechtenstein, Lviv National University (Ukraine), University of Notre Dame (USA). Doctor of Philosophy, the International Academy of Philosophy in the Principality of Liechtenstein
Stephen Russo
WW Director for the Cognitive City Solutions, IBM
Andriy Hankevych
Director of Strategic Development, ELEKS
Oleh Derevianko
Co-founder and President of Kyiv Cyber Academy, Ex-deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine


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Volodymyr Khitsiak, Project Manager


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